Анализ текста, анализ произведения, тексты на английском языке.

Interpretation of a Text_

  1. Speak of the author in brief.
    • the facts of his/her biography relevant for his/her creative activities
    • the epoch (social and historical background)
    • the literary trend he/she belongs to
    • the main literary pieces (works)
  2. Give a summary of the extract (story) under consideration (the gist, the content of the story in a nutshell).
  3. State the problem raised (tackled) by the author.
  4. Formulate the main idea conveyed by the author (the main line of the thought, the author's message).
  5. Give a general definition of the text under study.
    • a 3rd person narrative
    • a 1st person narrative
    • narration interlaced with descriptive passages and dialogues of the personages
    • narration broken by digressions (philosophical, psychological, lyrical, etc.)
    • an account of events interwoven with a humorous (ironical, satirical) portrayal of society, or the personage, etc.
  6. Define the prevailing mood (tone, slant) of the extract. It may be lyrical, dramatic, tragic, optimistic / pessimistic, melodramatic, sentimental, unemotional / emotional, pathetic, dry and matter-of-fact, gloomy, bitter, sarcastic, cheerful, etc.
  7. The composition of the story. Divide the text logically into complete parts and entitle them.If possible choose the key-sentence (the topic sentence) in each part that reveals its essence. The compositional pattern of a complete story (chapter, episode) may be as follows:
    1. the exposition (introduction)
    2. the development of the plot (an account of events)
    3. the climax (the culminating point)
    4. the denouement (the outcome of the story)
  8. Give a detailed analysis of each logically complete part.

Follow the formula-matter form. It implies that firstly you should dwell upon the content of the part and secondly comment upon the language means (Expressional Means and Stylistic Devices) employed by the author to achieve desired effect, to render his thoughts and feelings.

NB: Sum up your own observations and draw conclusions. Point out the author's language means which make up the essential properties of his individual style.

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