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Exercises on the Use of Stylistic Devices_

Find stylistic devices in the following sentences. Comment on them.

  1. The laugh in her eyes died and was replaced by something else.
  2. For every look that passed between them, and the word they spoke, and every card they played, the dwarf had eyes and ears.
  3. "If there's a war, what are you going to be in?" - "The Government, I hope," Tom said. "Touring the lines on an armoured car, my great belly shaking like a jelly. Hey, did you hear that? That's poetry."
  4. Her family is one aunt about a thousand years old.
  5. The girl gave him a lipsticky smile.
  6. The silence as the two men stared at one another was louder than thunder.
  7. There comes a period in every man's life, but she is just a semicolon in his.
  8. "I'm going to give you some good advice." - "Oh! Pray don't. One should never give a woman anything she can't wear in the evening."
  9. Up came the file and down sat the editor, with Mr. Pickwick at his side.
  10. Gentleness in passion! What could have been more seductive to the scared, starved heart of that girl?
  11. Poor boy ... . No father, no mother, no anyone.
  12. It were better that he knew nothing. Better for common sense, better for him, better for me.
  13. The coach was waiting, the horses were fresh, the roads were wet, and the driver was willing.
  14. There are so many sons that won't have anything to do with their fathers, and so many fathers who won't speak to their sons.
  15. The mechanics are underpaid, and underfed, and overworked.
  16. I hear your voice - it's like an angel's sigh.
  17. He held the cigarette in his mouth, tasting it, feeling its roundness, for a long time before he lit it. Then, with a sigh, feeling, well, I've earned it, he lit the cigarette.
  18. And then in a moment she would come to life and be as quick and restless as a monkey.
  19. The sky was dark and gloomy, the air damp and raw.
  20. "Our father is dead." - "I know." - "How the hell do you know?" - "Station agent told me. How long ago did he die?" - "About a month." - "What of?" - "Pneumonia." - "Buried here?" - "No. In Washington."
  21. She had her breakfast and her bath.
  22. ... whispered the spinster aunt with true spinster-aunt-like envy ... .
  23. A team of horses couldn't draw her back now; the bolts and bars of the old Bastille couldn't keep her.
  24. I have only one good quality - overwhelming belief in the brains and hearts of our nation, our state, our town.
  25. It was you who made me a liar, - she cried silently.
  26. I looked at the gun, and the gun looked at me.
  27. England has two eyes, Oxford and Cambridge. They are the two eyes of England, and two intellectual eyes.
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