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Conducting an Argument_

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The object of any argument is to find out the truth or to determine what is best, not to have a conflict in which, one may vanquish another. Your particular purpose is to convince others that your point of view is the correct one. Skill in the art of convincing others will help you at home, in school, and in your career.

    The following guides will help you in improving your ability to conduct an argument:

  1. Since arguments deal with facts, you need information that will support your point of view. Use all available sources to get the information that you want. Some of these sources are books and magazines, newspapers, films, well-informed people, and your own experiences.
  2. Make the subject of the argument clear, keep to the subject yourself, and do not permit others to get you off the subject.
  3. Be courteous. Do not interrupt another speaker, and do not monopolize the conversation. At times refrain from all personal or sarcastic remarks: bad temper is a sign either of ignorance of the subject or of general poor manners.
  4. Listen to another person's opinions with an open mind. If you find yourself in error, modify your views. If you hear new ideas consider them.
  5. Do not bluntly contradict another person. You may disagree tactfully.

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