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Who Do You Think You Are?_

Sometimes things happened to us, make us feel sorry for ourselves. Nobody can go through life with the world on a string without anything bad ever happening. It's pretty natural to feel sorry for ourselves, at least for a little while. But if we keep feeling self-pity we won't find the way out of our problems. And we sure can't turn a bad thing into something good if we are lost in self-pity.

Being honest with yourself and admitting what is good about you as well as those things about you that aren't so good: your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes a weakness (like eating too much candy) can be changed, but in some cases a weakness is just a weakness and there's not too much we can do about it. In fact, recognizing both kinds of weakness in ourselves helps to find out who we really are.

Being able to look at yourself closely and honestly and recognize what things you do best are positive actions. It is important to know what you are strong in when choosing a career or trying out for sports or play; it can help you to make the right selection. Everyone has some strength in a particular area. Your strength might be an ability to get along with others, a good memory, or an ability to think quickly.

Have you ever heard anyone say: " Oh, he's always making excuses!". Do you ever get tired of people who never do what they've promised and only give you an excuse why they didn't do it? We come across such situations quite often at school, when a pupil hasn't his homework and makes up some excuse not to be given a bad mark.

Often people make up excuses out of habit. They haven't yet learned the positive action of taken responsibility of their actions. Instead, they look for a quick way out of the problem not caring much if they are honest or not. Sometimes we need to be honest about our needs instead of making excuses.

Actions can be either honest or dishonest. Sometimes we apologize just in order not to be punished. Sometimes we say we are busy just because we don't want someone to come over and play. Sometimes we misbehave to get attention. Throughout all our life we will have to make decisions. It will never stop. We might as well begin now being truly honest with ourselves about what is right for us. As we get older, we'll have fewer and fewer people helping us make decisions. The choices are ours to make. Some of lives' choices are easier to make than others. Some students of our age have to make choices about drugs and other things that may not be good for their bodies.

Do you have some needs right now? Do you feel like an outcast and need friends? Do you wish you could like yourself more? Are you pulled in two different directions?

Have you ever experienced peer pressure? Pressure is "force applied to something". If you've ever had a toothache you have felt pressure on that tooth. But we can feel not only physical pressure. One of them is peer pressure. Our peers are classmates and friends, people that are equal to us. Peer pressure is a term we may not have heard before but we've experienced it, we all have! Peer pressure occurs when others try to influence you in your thoughts and actions. Often friends try to persuade us to do something or to think a certain way that we know is not right for us. We must be honest with ourselves! If we do something that is not within our personal Code of Conduct, we won't feel satisfied with ourselves. Peer pressure is real and powerful. We are all influenced by it at some time. But we should always remember to be honest with ourselves, to do what's right for us. We must always remember: be true to that important person you live with everyday - yourself!

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