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Five Steps to Support Your Life_

Nothing grand was ever built on quicksand. In fact, the taller the building the deeper the foundation. The foundation of the Empire State Building sets 55' below ground. So if you want to develop a great life of fulfillment, happiness, good relationships, and financial security it would make sense to begin by developing a strong personal foundation. If you have a business and think this is not for you, think again. Remember... you can grow your business as big as you can grow yourself. The following tips are based on the 24 lesson Personal Foundation Program I took while training at Coach U.

1 - Zap the Tolerations - Make a list of everything you are putting up with at home, at work, in your family, and in your community. There is a solution for each one even if you don't see it right now. Begin handling each toleration. Get to the source and handle it there so you do not have to deal with it again in the near future. Notice how you begin to feel happier and more energetic.

2 - Simplify your Life - Eliminate projects, responsibilities, habits, and tasks that absorb time and are not necessary in order to create more time and space in your life. These often are things you or others think you should do. The second part of simplifying is delegating and systematizing wherever you can. What systems can you set up to create space in your life for what you really want?

3 - Restore your Integrity - To live being complete, undivided, and honest with yourself. Accepting all of who you are adds richness to your life. You experience fewer problems, feel at peace, and respond to others vs reacting. List 10 ways you feel out of integrity (wrong job, cheating, misrespresenting yourself, false promises, involved in something you dislike, living in debt, etc.) Then list the simple actions you can take now to restore your integrity. Follow it up with action.

4 - Get Your Needs Met - Think about when you are hungry. It's hard to think of anything else until that need is met. Your personal needs are the same. If you have unmet needs they dominate your life. This is always a tough one to look at as it is unappealing to think of ourselves as needy. Yet we all have needs unique to us. When you identify your needs and get them met you can begin living your life based on your values rather than striving to fill needs. It is ok to get support!

5 - Extend Your Boundaries - Boundaries are lines you draw to protect yourself. The more clear your boundaries, the more well protected you are from the damaging behavior of others. Drawing the line involves deciding what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior to you. Respecting your boundaries takes sensing when one is in danger of being crossed then taking action to protect yourself by making a statement, doing something, or walking away. Make a list of 10 things others can no longer do or say to you.

Creating a strong personal foundation includes other steps such as getting clear of the past, handling the money, taking care of your body, strengthening your family, deepening your community, improving your attitude, creating reserves, becoming a problem-free zone, investing in your life, and more! Take one step at a time to strengthen and deepen your foundation in order to support a grand life. Starting Now!

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