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Мy Views of the Theatre_

What is a theatre today? The view according to this question are quite volatile.

Regular visitors come to "Houses of Joint Arts" and admire shows, feeling comfort and enchantment. Some other people make a faint effort to exceed the bounds of their usual life visiting a theatre, but meet deception and disappointment which make those people forget the way to a true temple of art.

Shall theatre become an outlet for entertainment or be a source of intellectual chauvinism? Shall theatre pose itself as an honest dialogue or be a ground for just making money?

They say modern theatres don't have historic and artistic value, deep and thought provoking ideas.

As I see it most of a play success is based on time, place and circumstance. It's out of the question that in this case the play is estimated as a great literary work as well. People come to watch a caring, entertaining and meaningful theatre. Gut the cases when the audiences feel bored and badly cheated aren't an exception nowadays.

Does this prove the existence of so called "bad theatres"? I guess, yes.

Excellence modernism and social activism are some of the attempted veils that the bad players hide behind, although without any mass appeal. The media too has to share its role in this folly. Any audience seldom likes to be taught lessons or be fed with ideas that are difficult even to comprehend. But, a not so good theatre would often love to do the same.

Apparently, the images of a bad theatre are in multitudes: the same irrelevant adaptations, shows for mere academic purposes, bored and deceived audiences. Besides, it seems to me there is too much talk of the stage craft, techniques and methods, yet the same lackluster appearances to cater. The same temptation to gobble up state funds at the expense of artistic values.

In retrospect we see that a bad theatre doesn't care much about those who watch a show. It's the secondary gains elsewhere that count more. Arguably, it fails to uphold even the spirit of theatre - the passion to perform and honesty to speak up.

I still believe a good theatre is like speaking one's own heart out. It's easy to comprehend as well as to digest. Besides, the audiences identify themselves with a story on the stage, and hence a strong intimacy develops through any such effort. However, it can't be a commercial success always - something commonly seen with the lesser known groups.

A good theatre is contemporary in its belief, irrespective of the traditions involved, both classified and modern. Moreover, it would always carry the complete story, the morals go in a transparent way. An audience, for that reason, doesn't find being lectured on. There's an idea that at good theatre there is always a two way process - a dialogue between the stage and its listener, and I support that.

In a good theatre, the characters played are intensely woven together. And you have the freedom to fascinate, and at the same time a deep realization to reconcile with.

So I think that good actors are those, who not only do a performance, but also display out the same energies through their off stage behavior as well.

These all are my views of the theatre.

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