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Teacher of Tomorrow_

What will the teacher of tomorrow be like? There are numerous assumptions available.

For the time being the situation at schools are quite different. Some pupils crave their duty and make light of studying, others compare notes with a teacher concerning each passed theme. Some just act up during a lesson, other don't take liberties with teachers. Will those facts change in the future?

New information and communications technologies are changing the world we live in, and the way we learn to live. Those changes enter every classroom, so what is the impact on teachers? Does it give them more or less work? Is it a tool that helps them to teach the curriculum or does it add extra curriculum content? Does it change what they teach and how they teach it?

It's vital to note that some people think high technologies will replace teachers as soon as possible and some people approve and support this step of science development. Others vice versa affirm that it will cause lots of problems. Their argument is that children won't have personal contact with a teacher and that, in its turn, will lead to lack of intercourse.

As to me, I support the idea of personal contact with a teacher no matter what kind of a person a teacher is. I guess a teacher with a sober view of things will always keep pupils on the toes and that's the keynote to success, to knowledge.

I still believe that a teacher of today won't differ from a teacher of tomorrow in many aspects. Perhaps, much more emphasis will be put on the relationships between teachers and pupils. Perhaps, they will be more free in the question of their rights and choice. Perhaps, they will be quicker in securing their object, i.e. attaining their aim.

Moreover, I'm of the opinion, that cultural wealth, i.e. spiritual demands of those teachers of tomorrow will be valued higher than today and they will be respected.

Anyway, my illusions of teacher of tomorrow won't come to existence in the nearest future.

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