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"A Very Short Story" by Ernest Hemingway_

The story under the title “A Very Short Story” was written by one of the most world-famous American writers – Ernest Hemingway. Himself a great sportsman - Hemingway liked to portray soldiers, hunters, bullfighters - tough, at times primitive people whose courage and honesty are set against the brutal ways of modern society, and who in this confrontation lose hope and faith. His straightforward prose, his spare dialogue, and his predilection for understatement are particularly effective in his short stories.

Analyzing the story under discussion we observe that the author makes use of the colloquial style avoiding professionalisms and pompous bookish words and phrases. He resorts to the language of every day life and surely it is a deliberate choice of vocabulary. Such a laconic and neat narration demonstrates the talent of the author and makes us aware of the genre of this literary creation – a novel. It tells us about war and peace, about senses and disappointments, about lie and truth.

So, the subject matter of the story is love of a man and a woman which was lost because of the ruined dreams and awkward misunderstanding between them. Realizing all this we can for sure read between the lines the message of Hemingway, as if saying – reach your goals by all powers and opportunities, stay firm on your way and be persistent in your attempts. Indeed, how often people surrender, go back and leave their dreams when just a step divides them from what they were looking for.

Here we can say that a little unnecessary quarrel became the point of couples’ parting. If just one of them could concede to another... Perhaps it could be a great history of love, who knows? The following sentence confirms the message mentioned above: “She hoped he would have a great career, and believed in him absolutely”. The truth is that everything turned out vice versa, not the way she imagined. The stylistic device – antithesis – skillfully used by the author proves the same could be said about her: “and she expected, absolutely unexpectedly, to be married in the spring.” We know she never did ...

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