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"One Stair Up" by Campbell Nairne_

I've engaged in the interpretation of the text "One Stair Up" written by Campbell Nairne, a Scottish novelist.

Though admittedly the function of prose is to entertain, the author explicitly conveyed a message about the life of Edinburgh working-class families. At the beginning of our century readers had unflagging interest to the subject matter, which was brought here into sharp focus. The writer gave the detailed delineation of cinema-world, as a favourite pastime of representatives of the working-class. I'm thoroughly persuaded that the title of the story is suggestive and thought-provoking. I shaped the idea in words: some people are not content to live in obscurity, and Rosa's aim was to go even one stair up in the world by hook or by crook.

To my mind, two methods of character-sketch were employed in the text: direct and indirect. It goes without saying the indirect way of character drawing predominates here.

The author didn't pass judgements on his figures, but let them speak for themselves and they became clear through their own actions. Several times we came across the protagonists' stream of consciousness. These passages written in non-personal direct speech give us the opportunity to know for sure what main images really thought and in what way they did it, in other words, they help the reader to get psychological insight into main characters' inner world ...

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