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"To Sir, With Love" by E. R. Braithwaite_

Dr. Edward Ricardo Braithwaite is internationally known author of the bestseller "To Sir, With Love" based on the author's experiences as a teacher in a tough section of London. The best seller book was later made into a popular movie starring Sidney Poiter and whose title song was sung by the 1960s pop star, Lulu. Today, the book is still popular with a new reprint edition along with a release of the movie on DVD.

In his work Braithwaite reflects on the dynamics taking place in classrooms and the important role teachers play in the development of students. His early work could be characterized as one of the first reflective memoirs on teaching to receive international attention. This early work is still considered one of the best. Although Dr. Braithwaite has published many other novels and books, “To Sir, With Love” remains to be currently cited as containing important tenets relevant to today’s youth and our educational institutions.

Besides, the book covers much more detail than the movie. It tells of the hardships faced by the author, a well educated black man in post-war (World War Two) Britain, and how he was forced to become a teacher at a run-down school at London’s East End. Most of his students were ruffians off the streets, and the story of how he gradually overcame them with his love and also earned their respect with his knowledge, makes for riveting reading ...

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