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"Up The Down Staircase" by Bel Kaufman_

Bel Kaufman (born May 10, 1911 in Berlin) is a Russian-American professor and author. She is best known for her 1965 best-seller, Up the Down Staircase. The semi-autobiographical novel is about an idealistic young honors college graduate who becomes an English teacher, hoping to share her love of classic literature (especially Chaucer) and writing with her students. However, her idealism is quickly snuffed out by the gritty realities of her colleagues and students who populate the novel's fictional inner-city high school.

Her novel was translated into 16 languages, and has since sold 6.5 million copies. In 1967, the story was made into a film starring Sandy Dennis, and in 1977 it became a play. She has also published numerous short stories and magazine articles.

The text under consideration “Up the Down Staircase” was written by Bel Kaufman, an American writer. She worked as a teacher of the English language and literature in a New York high school for 15 years. “Up the Down Staircase” is her first prominent work.

The extract deals with the experiences of a young high school teacher Sylvia Barret. Sylvia is dissatisfied with the system of education, she can’t surrender in front of all those problems and handicaps in children upbringing and acts her own way. Though some men interfere with her creative work, there are those who support her ...

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