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"Loneliness" by Sherwood Anderson_

The story under the title "Loneliness" written by Sherwood Anderson begins with the description of the place where the main character Enoch Robinson lived. Old citizens remembered him as a quiet, smiling youth inclined to silence. When he was 21 he came to New York City, but had terrific problems. He wanted to talk to people, but didn't know how.

So, the plot of the story centers round a man, who didn't communicate with people, because of his inconfidence. As a result, he started inventing his own people in his own room and talking to them. Naturally that didn't last for long, later he wished "to touch actual flesh and bone people". However every conversation finished the same way - he told his companion to leave him forever, thus again and again getting lonely.

So, the problem tackled by the author is the following ...

Enoch was a dynamic character. And despite that, all stumbling blocks and life handicaps didn't manage him to alter something in his life to become different himself. Lack of intercourse made him invent his own people. What counts here is the fact that he has come to the place where he started. Surely a lot changed in his inner world, but it didn't affect the result. He got lonely ...

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