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"Thursday Evening" by Christopher Morley_

The text under consideration is called "Thursday Evening" written by Christopher Morley. The scene is set in the small kitchen of the modest suburban home of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Johns. A meal has recently been cooked and Laura has served a dinner for four persons as both grandmothers are visiting. Laura and Gordon are in good humour at first but every time one or the other refers to his or her own mother the atmosphere becomes tense.

A fierce conflict breaks out between Laura and Gordon when he begins hunting for the plate with a lot of perfectly good stuff he saved.

The play can be divided into 3 parts. 1 part describes the quarrel between Laura and Gordon. 2 part - a treaty peace between the two mothers. 3 part - admission of mistakes and a happy end.

The author resorts to various stylistical devices to create the difference in the general atmosphere among the different parts of the play.

In the first part we deal with the quarrel in the family of a young couple. The atmosphere is tense. Gordon always points to her being wasteful. For example, by means of repetition (anadiplosis): "My Lord, it's no wonder we never have any money to spend if we chuck half of it in waste. Waste! Look at that piece of cheese and those potatoes" ...

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