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"Anthony in Blue Alsatia" by Eleanor Farjeon_

“Anthony in Blue Alsatia” is an assemble of Eleanor Farjeon’s prose. Being a children’s writer she was able to create deligtful and charming stories about children’s life, their way of thinking, their problems and dreams. The story reveals the author’s great knowledge of a child’s inner world. She penetrates into the subtlest windings of the human heart.

The plot centers round the imaginary trip of a boy, Anthony, to Alsatia. It is understood that the main character is a small boy as he doesn’t interest world’s activities, he is greatly attached to nature and perseives it so sharply and his imaginary trip is characterized with the help of childish way of thinking.

At the beginning the story is a third person narration, but then in order to make a deep emotional appeal the author applies for stream of consciousness...

Anthony is an acute and shrewd boy who is able to distinguish between necessary and not meaningful information for him. This is understood through the case of simile: they slipped as through gauze. In order to underline that the boy has a great power of imagination and that he is impressed by the breakdown the author resorts to a long sentence with parallel constructions: it described the blue smoke rising from the heated axle, the engine-driver sprinting along the lines like madman, soldiers… .

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