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"Astronomer's Wife" by Kay Boyle_

The text under consideration is called "Astronomer's Wife" written by Kay Boyle. Three characters are involved in the story: the astronomer, his wife, and the plumber.

At the very beginning of the story we got acquainted with the married couple, the astronomer and his wife. The whole story is connected with the overflow that happened in their house. And we should note the overflow is symbolic here - how on we'll prove this idea.

So, the author in his work penetrates deeply into the psychology of his heroes and gives us their accurate characterization. We come to conclusion that the astronomer was a person of a romantic mind and belonged to the heavens. As the author writes: “he was a man of other things, a dreamer. At time he lay still for hours upon roof behind the telescope”. We feel that the atmosphere between the husband and the wife isn't warm, there's no mutual understanding between them. To emphasize this idea the author uses the epithet that describes exact relations between them: “the impenetrable silence of his brow”. In fact, his wife was unable to understand him, and perhaps she had no desire to penetrate into his thoughts. Here we should give an example of another epithet that arrests the reader's attention: “the mystery and silence of her husband's mind lay like a chiding finger on her lips”. The sentence proves the astronomer's dominance. Mrs. Ames was in awe of her husband, and that's why she was so passive. As for astronomer, he didn't treat her on equal terms “that man might be each time the new arching wave, and woman the undertow that sucked him back, were things she had been told by his silence were so”.

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