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"Bell Fleace Gave a Party" by Evelyn Waugh_

Evelyn Waugh is a conservative satirist who critisizes the bourgeoisie in all aspects. He masterly depicts degradation of the high class society and successfully combines it with satire which hits the mark better than the realism.

“Bell Fleace Gave a Party” is an assemble of his prose. This story is a good example of moral and physical destruction of a person. As E.Waugh is a good psychologist, it takes him little to reproduce the story of a woman whose character is an essence of high society manners.

The story begins with a complete description of the environment where the situation takes place. From the beginning the author emphasizes the fact that Northern Ireland is torn up by two religions: Catholicism and Protestantism. The antithesis in the following sentence serves as an evidence for the schism: There is a pretty Protestant Church in 1820 Gothic on one side of the square and a vast, unfinished Catholic cathedral opposite it.

It should be noted that exactly Northern Ireland and its people are under study of the author and the main character that is chosen by the author turns to be Bell Fleace. This type of woman is portrayed by the author not for nothing. E.Waugh is a good at describing and exposing the demerits and passions of high class society and he is a devoted realist, for this reason he depicts an Irishwoman who is on her decline.

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