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"Crooked House" by Agatha Christie_

Agatha Christie is considered to be the queen of detective stories. Unlike all other detective stories her ones are called "intuitive", as the exposure of murder is revealed through psychological perspicacity of the main heroes. The main accent is made not on the investigation of evidences and arguments, but on the observation of behaviour of the main heroes, the content and structure of their dialogues. Everything in her stories is adjusted, the details are meaningful, the scenes from family life are trustworthy and expressive.

"The Crooked House" is an assemble of her prose. As the extract under study is the beginning of the story, it is a piece of description which can be considered as an exposition that introduces to the readers the main characters and their relationship.

The plot of the extract centers round the close friendship between the soldier Charles and the worker of the Foreign Office Departments Sophia. They spent together their free time and amused themselves. Their acquaintance was broken up by the order that Charles should go to the East, and in spite of this during two years they had been writing letters to each other.

The main theme of this extract may be identified as the process of development of relationship of the young people in the postwar period. On having read this extract the readers can grasp the idea that the author's message sounds like this – the feelings between young people should be tested by time and hardships, as marriage is a serious step in anybody's life. It can't be decided at once...

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