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"Cruise" by Evelyn Waugh_

The story “Cruise” by E.Waugh centers at the voyage that a family of well-off undertakes. The story is written in a form of letters. The author of the letters is a young girl who shares her impressions about things that happen with her. The age of the young lady has a great impact on the style of the letters. It is colloquial. Without any doubt the story is a subjective reflection of reality as it is a first person narration and is a charm of it.

From the beginning we understand that the head of the family is the father who is a bit infantile and emotional. The fact that he hadn’t get the young lady and Bertie a sleeper, though he had slept himself shows that he is pitiless and egoistic. The situation when he is called the colonel underlines his being vain and arrogant, though his children only make profit of his selfishness, not realising his bad traits of character. They also act like he does. His son is always drunk and makes everyting in order to attract people’s attention (he climbed down the ventilator). His daughter mocks at other people and tries to humiliate them by all means (Then I bitched him a bit (goodness how Decent).

The other people on the ship are like their passengers. Toadying, dishonesty and meanness is a common thing. This can be proved by the sentences ...

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