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"Departure" by Sherwood Anderson_

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The story for analysis is called "Departure". It's written by Sherwood Anderson, famous in literature as the author, who used implication, wrote in the style of sober realism and depicted strange characters.

The hero of "Departure" is young George Willard, leaving his native Winesburgh in search of new life. He is excited and concerned, worried, his thoughts are devoted to the future, for he doesn't have any command of what is expecting him. Since 2 o'clock he had been awake thinking of the journey he was about to take, and wondering what he would find at the end of the journey.

I'd like to dwell on the following sentence, as it is a part of the setting:

"It was April and the young tree leaves were just coming out of their buds."

That is a compound sentence, both clauses of the sentence are directed to one aim - to show that a new life begins for George Willard, for April is a spring month, and "buds coming out" are used symbolically.

Idea - departure is a period when you feel ambivalent: on the one hand you dream of your happy future, on the other - you remember your past to say good-bye to it.

But at the same time he returns to his past, for without it there is no future. He visits the places with which his recollections, his everyday life are connected:

"The land becomes a wide green billiard table on which tiny human insects toil up and down."

George Willard had been in the habit of walking on Trunion Pike. So the use of lexis of great importance, "the habit" is the evidence of his life being routine.

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