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"My Oedipus Complex" by Frank O'Connor_

The story under the title "My Oedipus Complex" by Frank O'Connor begins with the description of a family during and after the war. The protagonist of the story is a boy called Larry. The author with the help of Larry's words explains that his father was in the army and Larry never saw much of him even not worrying about it. "Like Santa Claus he came, and went mysteriously" he says.

By means of this simile we find out that Larry's father came very rarely, perhaps as Santa Claus once a year. Later we become aware of the fact that Larry liked exactly those visits of his father, in the role of Santa Claus rather than his father.

Each time Father came, he brought some souvenir which was rather valuable for him. "There was a bit of the magpie about Father". We shouldn't think here that the author used this metaphoric periphrasis in order to show how talkative father was. Vice versa, he was almost as silent as the grave. The stylistic device proves Father liked to collect all sorts of things, having a resemblance with magpies known for their thievishness.

The story goes on to describe how Larry and his mother spend every day, their father being at the war. We see that the boy did everything he liked and his mother didn't punish him saying nothing at all against that. Owing to Larry's words "The war was the most peaceful period of my life" we come to the conclusion he was glad to such a coincidence of circumstances.

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