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"Our Man in Havana" by Graham Green_

G. Greene is a marvelous writer, who is famous for his shocking and serious novels, as they expose social conflicts as well as the psychology of the people which is influenced by the situation in the country. He is considered to be a innovator in the genre of the novel as he includes in his stories the elements that bring together the readers with the situation.

The extract from the novel “Our Man in Havana” presents the collision of wishes and possibilities of the father and the daughter. The plot centers round Mr. Wormold who makes both ends meet and is shocked by the daughter’s desire to have a horse, which demands much money and effort.

The conversation is presented through the dialogue with the author’s remarks that clear up the situation and create realistic background. Mr Wormold’s daughter, Milly, yearns for having her own horse and to make the readers realize that her desire is not a whim. The author resorts to parallel constructions through semicolons that underline obstinacy and resolution of Milly to have a horse: A saddle lay on her bed; a bridle and bit were hanging on the wall from the nails she had driven in; reins were draped between the light brackets; a whip was propped up on the dressing table.

A great number of names of harness also conveys the idea that Milly seriously decides to engage in riding. For the father it is difficult to deprive his daughter of her desire but he cannot afford the horse. However Milly becomes obstinate and self-willed and even doesn’t let the father express his opinions. He is always interrupted. It is shown through the unfinished sentences: Milly, I’m sorry…; Milly, dear, you know that if I could manage it…; you’ve got to promise…; I can’t possibly afford… .

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