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"The Poet" by Somerset Maugham_

The story under the title “The Poet” was written by an outstanding English writer, playwright and novelist who was known for his most famous play “Rain”, screened several times. His main literary pieces are “The Moon and the Sixpence”, “Theatre”, “The Painted Veil”, etc.

The plot of the story centers around a young “man of letters” who had a wonderful chance to meet in person a great poet of his time – Calisto de Santa Ana. In those days verses of Don Calisto “were on the lips of all young men”, so he was really a gifted poet. The story goes on to tell that Don Calisto invited the protagonist to his living place. In the circumstances there was nothing for the main character to do, but to accept the invitation. On the next day when he came to the destination, he found there a poor house, but it pleased the hero to think that Don Calisto lived in such a fitting style. He imagined Santa Ana reading newspapers sitting in the rocking-chair near a table. He wondered what dreams occupied poet’s fancy as he sat there on the warm summer nights, smoking cigarettes. When he saw a man coming down he caught his breath. And what a disappointment it must have been, when the hero found out that he had come to the wrong house.

So, the controlling idea of the story is – not knowing a man one can imagine him at full power of his fantasy, if even some of invented features contradict to what one heard about the other, i.e. autosuggestion plays an important part of man’s life ...

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