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"Running for Governor" by Mark Twain_

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"Running for Governor" appears to be an excellent example of Mark Twain's talent of a humorist and satirist.

Electoral tricks that can be accepted as a subject matter, throw light on situation in American politics, where everything can be done to achieve one's aim and every service is involved in the dirty game. Get elected tends to be the goal for the sake of which one can overstep one's principles, lives at others, buy everything and everybody.

Surely, Mark Twain doesn't underscore the corruption of the politicians pointblank, but it's his satire that concentrates the reader's attentions on the filthy ways of how to get round the law and to remain a good reputation at the same time.

Right from the beginning we get involved in the preelectoral race where the narrator is the main aspirant to the post. The narrator and the author coincide, this and the fact that the story is told in the first person narrative bring us close to Mark Twain and we take his point of view and believe him or at least sympathize with him.

Thus, when he comes across unfair charges with numerous crimes such as perjury, wholesome bribery, theft, corruption, we appreciate the events from his viewpoint.

Moreover it's clear as a day - accusations are exaggerated. [Hyperbole - "to rob a poor native widow and her helpless family of a meager plantain-patch, their only stay and support in their bereavement and desolation", "they have been endorsed and re-endorsed by his own eloquent silence"].

Surely, there are hints that remind of some bits of truth, "three long years had passed over my head since I had tasted ale, beer, wine, liquor of any kind." But the point is who has never been mistaken? Moreover, let bygones be bygones.

As a result, such a great stream of charges washed away all the grounds on which Mark Twain was running for Governor, and what's more important, his wish and self-assurance to go on in politics.

Thus, his opponents got rid of him.

Highly-emotional style - the word choice (a lot of colloquialisms)

Contrast b/n his replicas and the articles

Graphical means of emplaning some facts

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