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"The Ormolu Clock" by Muriel Spark_

The story under the title "The Ormolu Clock" was written by Dame Muriel Spark, who is perhaps best known for her novel "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" and for her autobiography "Curriculum Vitae".

Over her long career she has received countless literary tributes and honours. In 1971 she was awarded an honorary degree in literature from Spathclyde University and has been similarly honoured by University of Aberdeen, St. Andres, Edinburgh and Oxford. In 1993 Spark was made a Dame of the British Empire and in 1977 she received the David Cohen British literature Prize for Lifetime Achievement.

The story under discussion begins with the description of two hotels standing side by side and separated by a narrow path - the Hotel Stroh and the Guesthouse Lumblonitsch. The first one is a disappointment for its visitors, what can't be said about the second.

The story goes on to tell that the author had a chance to get acquainted with the owner of the Guesthouse - Frau Lublonitsch, who was a very hardworking woman. Once he saw her bedroom and was moved by the sight. The room was richly established and there was a large ornamental clock known as ormolu. The story ends with the scene when Herr Stroh seemed to be meditating upon Frau Lublonitsch ...

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