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"The Romantic Young Lady" by Somerset Maugham_

The story under the title "The Romantic Young Lady" was written by an outstanding English writer, playwright and novelist Somerset Maugham. His feature of looking at the world is perception of an event in a tragicomic key. The fact that since the 90th years of XIX century and almost up to the end of life he remained the modern artist raising global problems, surprises. In Maugham’s talent there was always a surprising keenness to the tragic beginning, the latent dramatic nature of characters and human relations.

The plot of the story under the study centers round the members of two families - Countess de Marbella and Duchess de Dos Palos. The story tells how the daughter of the duchess fell in love with the coachman of the countess and that occasion made the enemies forget of their prejudices. So we come across man - against - himself conflict, as the duchess stepped over her feelings and ideas for her daughter’s sake.

So, the problem raised by the author in the story is penury and gentility, two terms never coming together in reality, as if two social classes, never having meal at one table ...

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