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"The Strength of God" by Sherwood Anderson_

The story for analysis is called "The Strength of God" written by Sherwood Anderson. The plot centers around a minister, in the soul of whom there is a struggle between his desires and his duty.

So the conflict comes into existence: that is the discrepancy between natural desires and religious demands, strict morality.

The main hero is 40 years old Curtis Hartman. He is a pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Winesburg. He has been in this position for ten years. The minister is a tall man with brown beard.

As for his character, he seems to be silent and reticent, quiet and unpretentious. But that isn't his nature. We should pay our attention to the word choice: "To preach ... was always a hardship for him", so he leads a religious existence but that is just his duty, that's why he suffers prolonged periods of remorse".

He isn't enthusiastic about his job. He is quiet, humble under the pressure of the strict religious rules, but he is eager for the flame of spirit to burn "in him". He dreams of a day when a strong sweet current of power would come and ruin his boring routine, meaningless existence; current which will give him energy and desire to act. So we can say his religious convictions aren't sincere, they are just imposed by the Church and society ...

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