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"Unlighted Lamps" by Sherwood Anderson_

NB: не полный анализ, нет заключения, также можно заменить идею и разобрать представленные примеры.

The story under the title "Unlighted Lamps" was written by an outstanding American writer Sherwood Anderson, known for his deep and thought-provoking stories, the most known from which is his book "Winesbourgh, Ohio".

The story "Unlighted Lamps" describes a crisis which was breaking out in the family of the Cochrans. Doctor Lester Cochran, the father, told his daughter Mary that he was a victim of heart disease and might die at any moment. And it was time for her to begin thinking seriously of her future.

The idea conveyed by the author is that having your own family you must take care of it, show all your tenderness and love for the members of your family, because they are a part of your heart. The conflict of the story lies between the father and the daughter: their calm relationships, their inability to say to each other tender words.

Even the title of the story "Unlighted Lamps" makes us think that there left unlighted lamps in the street of their life, that there're things which aren't finished, the words which aren't said. We can prove this idea mentioning lots of arguments. The first is that her father told her about his disease without any preliminary talk and quite suddenly and abruptly - he wasn't accustomed to telling his daughter tender words, it was a difficult step for him.

Besides, the author gives a sentence "a hunger to be touched by a man's hand had come to Mary many times before, and returned at the same moment her father made the announcement" - strikes the eye.

Thus the author gives us one more argument proving the idea of her lack of tenderness and love.

Reading the story we come across such phrases of bookish style as - made the announcement, pronouncements on the part of the experts, dread took possession of her, etc.

Such epithets and metaphors as "the hushed murmur of the town's Saturday night life", "the hotel bus came rattling", "a cloud of dust floated on the quiet air", "street was lined with buggies", "the evening of shopping and gossip" used by the author replace us from the Cochrans to the evening town. These descriptive passages let us follow the author's point of view. He showed that the life in the town went on with its pace, and Mary really had to think of her future.

- Dr. Cochran told his daughter of his approaching death in a cold quiet voice. To her it seemed that everything concerning her father must be cold and quiet.

- He wanted to put his arm about his daughter's shoulder, but never having shown any feeling in his relations with her he couldn't sufficiently release some tight thing in himself.

- In all her life there had never been anything warm and close.

Even Duke Yetter who was a man in the street couldn't be aware of the dread and scare in Mary's heart. Thus the author showed the loneliness of Mary in the whole world, though her father loved her, and of course she did as well.

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