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"Wee Willie Winkie" by Rudyard Kipling_

The story entitled Wee Willie Winkie was written by an outstanding British writer Joseph Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), born in India. He is best known for the children's story The Jungle Book (1894), the Indian spy novel Kim (1901), the poems "Gunga Din" (1892), "If" (1895), and his many short stories.

The story begins with the description of a boy - Percival William Williams, who was the son of the Colonel and whom everybody called Wee Willie Winkie. Once he committed a heroic deed defending his friend Coppy's future bride Miss Alardyce from the Bad Men, not even being scared of the punishment his father would give him for breaking the arrest under which Wee Willie Winkie was.

So the idea conveyed by the author is that a real friendship has no boundaries and the difference between the friends' age is not so significant. The most important thing is that no mischiefs, troubles or sacrifices can stop people doing something in honour of their friendship.

We can prove this idea. First of all we should mention the words of Willie Winkie who said to Brandis: "I like you. I shall call you Coppy". That was the beginning of their friendship. Then Coppy let him wear his own big sword - just as tall as Willie Winkie. Coppy promised him a terrier puppy and permitted him to witness the miraculous operation of shaving. And even being aware of the secret engagement, Willie Winkie said not a word to anybody. Vice versa he was used to regard Miss Alardyce gravely with unwinking eye ...

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